Perspective on Chrome?

As a 90’s fan of the Netscape browser – never to don the cap to Favorites than Bookmarks, and then gradually shifting across for reasons that now escape me – I didn’t think I’d be revisiting the browser. Incidentally I put all my links onto delicious.

After all, I spend a lot of my time saying to people “infrastructure is now, no longer special” its the user experience that's a real differentiator – whether its web, home, mobile, robot etc. Caveat - Infrastructure management is now very important.

Chrome certainly appears faster but according to this article at least (the first one I read) ie8 (beta!) isn’t a resource hog like Chrome and offers better features.

Personally I just don’t put my trust Google – to me they appear to have a loose privacy policy and I prefer to have opt out wherever possible. I was interested to hear, however,  the stack play, though Gmail down for hours worldwide recently and the fact that some spreadsheets were being be accessed outside their private network was a worry. It’s just not enterprise ready... yet. As usual the hacker community are out to get (it) – being whatever is new.

Robert Double sparked my interest in the differences, so will have a look. I wonder how they fair on the interoperability standards.....

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