Article buzz on service offerings and announcements at PDC continue to grow

As featured on Steve Clayton and Nick Mayhew’s blog posts. An Information Week article and related blog posts described how impressive the work to build a world-class infrastructure for S+S really is. The reporter visited a Microsoft Datacenter in San Antonio in anticipation to the PDC announcements and reported some big numbers:


  • 475,000 square feet
  • Covers 11 acres
  • 1.3 miles to circumnavigate
  • Adding more than 10,000 servers a month to their worldwide infrastructure
  • R&D team completely focused on data center design and have 40 projects under way
  • Almost every Microsoft product will have a services component


"People will begin to understand the scale of the investment and the scale of the strategy behind Software+Services.”

Thanks to Yuri Misnik for this update.

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