Highlander to be re-made

Slightly off topic but sci-fi enthusiasts, like myself, will be pleased to read the following Scotsman report:

"the original film is to be remade, featuring a £25m budget, stars of the calibre of Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy, Scottish locations and a screenplay from the writers of current superhero hit Iron Man"



Hopefully we will see some new technology innovations....

Comments (2)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    But why?

    The original film was fine, and it still stands.

    If they could only un-make all of the sequels and the crappy TV series and just leave the story where the first film ended, that would be perfect for me.

  2. drmcghee says:

    True, The original was great. The later sequels (bar 3 which was acceptable) should never have been made.

    If it does go all hollywood, and has some Scottish actors then it might be more authentic….??

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