Getting my head around Live Mesh

If you are a developer then you need to see Live Mesh. I also recommend PDC 08 (I have previously been to PDC 03 and 05 but will miss this one - no longer in full time dev role) 🙁

I joined up to the mesh (Tech Preview) a few weeks ago thanks to Yuri Misnik for the heads-up.

Here is a snapshot of the Vista like interface (on the web) including bread-crumbs and the ability to add your own members to shared or sync'd folders in your mesh. Wow.


Mesh is scarily huge, based on REST has feeds galore, does sync'ing and even will allow applications to be shared

Since going to Remix 08 I have been following and reading the great work from two great dev/designer guys:

Jonas Follesoe


Jose Fajardo

Jose aside from being a designer GUN he is an ex-colleague of my good friend Michael Cameron, who like Jose has an impressive Silverlight skills. Great library agTweener!

For those not familar with Silverlight this site has some good presso's starting with this one

Recently I have been streaming some content with Silverlight - this nice site shows how to go one step further Creating, Encoding and Delivering Silverlight Streaming Screen Capture Videos

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  1. Snel lenen says:

    Wow, that video slipped my RSS reader. Thanks for the link!

  2. badang says:

    nice post – mesh looks awesome, and i love the idea of remoting through the browser (similar to citrix i guess). i’ve only seen screenshots and

    Bill, i’m still waiting for my invite…



  3. drmcghee says:

    Thanks BA.

    Also see the mobile version:

    Its more like Groove than Citrix. However with feeds,  multi platform and soon applications its whole new ball game.

    Great innovation!

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