The Velcro Organisation

Neal Cross, Angus Logan and crew have been creating a small business banking reference site.

As part of a sequence of videos I created one on advice for the small business in data privacy. Here are my notes:

Initial steps

  1. Encourage staff to learn multiple roles (snap and replace - like velcro)
  2. Organize yourself into small operating units
  3. Use information systems that can track performance across units

Data Leakage

  • Shift security focus from perimeter defenses (e.g., firewalls) to internal defenses (e.g., data encryption)
  • driven by privacy laws
  • traditionally
  • Access (identification or authorisation)
  • Computer (Hardware or software)
  • Network (Intranet or Internet)
  • Data can be leaked obviously or opaquely - what you provide publicly and how it is used


  • Laptop Drive encryption
  • Role based services for web users
  • Tracking of activity
  • Confidentiality agreements


Careful thought around privacy in the future - get advice on patents, copyrights and protection of your own trade secrets. Investigate IP protection...

Who you trust - Trust is essential to loyalty, prosperity and good management

What your data will be used for. Its more important for small businesses to hold onto their IP

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