Constant Partial Attention (CPA).

Loved this email from Andrew May today. Andrew gave Microsoft some great performance coaching tips based off of his apparent many years supporting athletic and business professionals

Have you ever had one of those days when you return home and friends or loved ones ask the obvious question ‘how was your day?’ You immediately retort ‘busy, yeah – really busy!’ as this has now become the standard response to any question in relation to work. The follow up question though is the killer punch. ‘So, what did you actually do?’ You stop, reflect and then stare back blankly, thinking to yourself ‘well, what I really did was bounce from one document to the next; check emails every time the pop up alert came on; jumped from a power point presentation, to an excel spreadsheet, to Facebook and then shared files on Flickr, to checking MSN Messenger, sending text messages and handling walk-ins all at the same time; plus also pretending to check in for a couple of meetings’ ...

I must take more time to have a better CPA.

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I am definitely affected by "Screen sucking" -  Wasting time online long after you have finished what you signed on to do

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