Xobni – Changing my email etiquette & work practices

As Xobni is re-indexing its throwing up some nice little quotes.



I realised I never blogged about Xobni prior. Thanks to Michael Kordahi for the link from his blog.

Are you drowning in email?

Xobni is an add-in to Outlook that analyses email sent and received. It helps find emails based around a person (i.e. give me all emails sent to me by Chris). It then provides some intelligence around other people, conversations and when and how much is being sent back and forward.

A feature that I missed in the first couple of months was the Analytics which showed me in graphical terms that I wasn’t doing a great job of managing my workload. I could see that my flagged item response time was going exponential, despite sub hour response times for email.

So, in combination with analytics I took an internal Microsoft email management course and put together a personal best practice.

  1. Respond predominantly to items that are only for me
  2. Delete items that I know I am not going to read (doing avoid deleting)
  3. Send fewer emails. Pick up the phone to limit email volleyball
  4. Keep my Inbox to Sub-50 items

Worryingly although I made a concerted effort in March to reduce email I have bounced recently back up to old levels.


So, this week I am back to email cleansing!!

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