Writing, communication, technology and relationships

One of the reasons I haven?t been posting much is I have been, trying, to complete my latest Masters assignment on contemporary management practices. The assignment was around the discussion of managers requiring good verbal and innovation skills to counter organisation's reluctant to change.

On my feed was one of my favourite publications CASE. In particular I noted the recent article on:

Writing, communication, technology and relationships

Which has a great section on benefits for and arguments against Internet enabled communications.

Microsoft is standardising and ratifying the people ready vision - enabling people to do their jobs better and faster. This vision is about making software fit for a role, allowing more time for companies to focus on innovation.

Like in this vision, I have a belief that in many cases technology alone doesn't make "people ready". Good technology needs people and process skills - software doesn't yet self manage, administer and train new staff, Innovation, organisational flexibility and communication are at the heart of a people ready business

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