Updating my Mac Mini Vista Media Center for Australia

There are a few issues I have left for a bit on my Mac Mini. I first updated the CPU to a Merom 2.16Ghz Core 2 Duo. This is a picture of what it should have looked like (according to the instructions I was using):   This is how my update looked:   The Australian…


Data Protection Manager 2007 – Protect Exchange, SQL and SharePoint

A new member of the Systems Center family has RTMed. For more on Data Protection Manager see the team  DPM blog and the DPM Microsoft.com site.      Protect Microsoft SQL Server Protect Microsoft Exchange  Protect your Windows virtual environment


Andy Lees’s on Virtualisation

Andy Lee’s the Microsoft Corporate VP for Server and Tools recently presented in Sydney. He spoke about : 1. 90% of Servers worldwide are running at <10% utilisation 2. 5% of the worlds servers are virtualised 3. Windows Server is on 70% of the world’s servers 4. Windows Server will have Virtualisation built into the…


Vista tweak tools

  Windows Vista tweaks A vista logo generator


Writing, communication, technology and relationships

One of the reasons I haven?t been posting much is I have been, trying, to complete my latest Masters assignment on contemporary management practices. The assignment was around the discussion of managers requiring good verbal and innovation skills to counter organisation’s reluctant to change. On my feed was one of my favourite publications CASE. In…


More green dream – "carbon neutral" a new panacea?

I was browsing my favourite feeds and came across this green ramble from Dell. It seems everyone is on this carbon neutral push: http://www.zdnet.com.au/video/play/22429768 I’m not so sure about the expression carbon-neutral, however I can certainly say I was surprised this week hearing from a colleague how much money one Australian company saved by introducing…


Get stuck in: Smeaton’s guide to intervention

  Thanks to Dave Street for this great quote from an article in the Guardian: “Rule 1 You’ve got to have a moral ground. You’ve got to know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. A policeman being kicked around: that’s wrong. Rule 2 Get the attacker’s attention away from the person that is…