Larger 2.5" drives, but how to clone

At home I have a Mac Mini as my Vista Media Center. My two upgrades I would like to do are:

1) CPU - E.g.

2) HDD - E.g. clone existing drive but make Windows partiion bigger

Only 6 months ago I put in a 200gb drive which helped but soon I will probably want more space.

The largest 2.5" drive just now is the Toshiba at 320Gb:

 The trouble I had last time upgrading was painful. I'm looking for any recommendations of how to clone the drive as-is. Then afterwards extend the Vista only partition.

The cloning is the problem as you have the Mac partition, the Bootcamp partition and the Windows partition. Does anyone know any good software that will do this for me?

 The only site I have found tht might come close is this but it seems a bit involved.

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  1. gcollinson says:

    You might want to try Paragon Hard Disk Manager

    I’ve used it successfully in the past to upgrade hard drives.

  2. drmcghee says:

    Thanks for your advice!

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