Adding new TFS user and not being able to login

After adding a new user to a Windows Group which is already part of a TFS group then you may get one of the following errors logging in as that user:

1) If you are getting a Team Plain error:

TF50309: You do not have sufficient permissions to perform this operation.

2) Visual Studio Team Explorer error TFS31003 when adding a new server

This handy article on managing TFS permissions states a brutal step to resolve this: 

"Updating this list is one of the operations that TFS does on a schedule,  If you're feeling impatient, you can force this list to refresh by recycling the IIS process on the TFS machine. "

You can also recycle the TFSAppPool (less brutal)

Or lastly, add the user to the TFS group you require (Contributor) and then remove the user in a couple of days when the TFS App Pool finally refreshes. Thanks to Ruth Fisher from the SDC for that handy hint. 

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  1. На попередньому тижні зіткнулися з невеличкою проблемою. Коли у групу TFS додати Windows, а уже в групу

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