Wifi – bad for you = bad science

Having recently returned from the UK, where Wifi scaremongering is the flavour of the month, I was relieved to see that, at least online, the findings of programmes like Panorama were being panned.

Read more about it here.

Thanks to David Watson for providing me this picture and link.

As he stated to me "You can never be too sure"

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  1. JohnGalt says:

    Now if only someone would point out that Man-Made Global Warming is bad science of the same vein we could all rest a little easier (because the temperature has gone down over the last 6 years not up) and start doing some real science on the subject so that we know if it really is man made or just solar cycles (or something else!) causing it.

  2. drmcghee says:

    I would tend to agree. But it does make for good politics. That being said, there is definately no harm in using less and innovating more – Sydney Airport this morning was a smog haven. The whole area cast a grey haze over the face of the most beautiful city in the world

  3. JohnGalt says:

    There is a significant difference between Global Warming and smog. Smog is caused by pollutants in the air released by factories. This is easily controlled by setting maximum levels of pollutant release per sq metre and then allowing class action lawsuits against those that violate those limits.

    The problem goes away very quickly thank you very much. And yes, we need to deal with smog, it’s killing people.

    Global Warming on the other hand has nothing to do with smog and is largely fiction and at the very least incredibly bad science.

  4. drmcghee says:

    interesting point John. Im not sure if there really is a phenomenum of global warming.

    My point about smog was that even if you take away the politics and theories, unmanaged by products of production are probably a bad thing.

    Look at Beijing for smog overdose. There is a school of thought, I am led to believe, that as an economy matures so does the growth of the middle class. The middle classes then put pressure and controls on those responsible for this type of by-product. Lets hope that the various individuals get their act together in China for the Olympics.

  5. loolmonster says:

    its true i was turned nerd by it

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