Changing Team Foundation Server Credentials

Clearing the cache may rid of credentials being cached:

C:\Documents and Settings\<you>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Team Foundation\1.0\Cache

When you connect to TFS from the standard Visual Studio Team Explorer it remembers the credentials used to connect to the server. If, for whatever reason, you find that these credentials are no longer what you want to use you will have to change the credentials

I found from this blog that

"it's possible if you physically log in to the Team Foundation Server using a different set of credentials. Those credentials are cached deep in the bowels of Windows, and retrieved automatically the next time you contact the server. "

"To clear the credential cache, try Start, Run, then type
control userpasswords2
And press enter. On the resulting dialog, click the advanced tab, and click Manage Passwords. Remove all cached credentials from this list.
"With this in mind, if you must log in to the Team Foundation Server, try to do so under your own credentials. It'll cause less problems later. "

 The Microsoft support page for this functionality, for Windows XP, describes:

"Stored User Names and Passwords is a mechanism that dynamically and manually creates credential sets (a user name and password) for resources. This functionality is available from the graphical user interface (GUI) and from the command line. The types of credentials that you can manage with Stored User Names and Passwords are:

User names and passwords
X.509 certificates (smart cards)


I have some users in Windows 2000 so will be posting the solution for them here.

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  1. Pdp says:

    thank u…it worked

  2. Dada says:

    You need to remove TFS credentials from Windows Vault to clear and force to ask new TFS credentials in Visual Studio


    1. Go to Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel).

    2. Click User Accounts ( or User Accounts and Family Safety->User Accounts in Windows 7 Machine)

    3. Click Credential Manager (or Manage your credentials)

    4. In Credential Manager page, you can see the two type of credentials

              i. Windows Credentials

              ii. Generic Credentials

     5. Click on two credential's modify link,  click the link Remove from vault to remove stored TFS credentials.

  3. Amit says:

    Thanks Its worked for me. I was struggling with this for a while.

  4. raja says:

    Great it's worked

  5. peeyush says:


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