WPF Master Details with an Object Reference

 I've been creating some WPF examples to hook up with my WCF applications by using Expression Blend

I first started reading this article match my GridView and databinding

If in doubt goto the MSDN there is just some excellent writing and samples done here

The Windows Presentation Foundation SDK is also excellent and refers to the Accessibility Best Practices which are must if you are serious about the best presentation. I came across an article concerning XML binding which wasnt quite what I was after - Making your data available for all

In actual fact I was trying to bind to a WCF data contract (object). I found this simple object binding sample

In order to create some food for thought I created a Mac window and a Vista window hosted on Windows XP. This was thanks to the GlassWindow work I found on this brilliant WPF blog. Although I didnt actually go this far I found that a good article on a Sortable ListView Control in WPF

In the end its a work in progress. I have started to get into StackPanel and DockPanels and DataTemplates for organising my XAML. So far my master details does not work (well the master does and has a nice title):

<StackPanel Canvas.Left="-105" Canvas.Top="-19">

<ListView x:Name="lstAccounts" Width="207" FontFamily="Arial Terminal"

Background="{DynamicResource Vista_Background_design}" Height="112" Canvas.Left="-89"

HorizontalAlignment="Left" SelectionMode="Single"



Foreground="#FFFFFFFF" Canvas.Top="-33">



<GridViewColumn Header="Account" Width ="120" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Path=Name}" />

<GridViewColumn Header="Number" Width="80" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Path=Number}"/>




 (again I will post with a solution!)

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