Finally a new version of Apple’s Bootcamp

After reading an article titled Apple delays Leopard to October I discovered that Bootcamp had indeed been updated. The annoying thing is that I have been checking the site for a while but not realising that the version number changed from 1.1.2 beta to 1.2 beta.

 Why is this of interest?

  • Support for Windows Vista (32-bit)

    I have two Apple computers at home running Vista. I am hoping my iSight and my power management is better. Also it would be good to get rid of those nasty unknown driver issues (e.g. bluetooth and IR)

     Whats also good news is the white cigarette lighter is now of use:

    •  Support the Apple Remote (works with iTunes and Windows Media Player)
    • A Windows system tray icon for easy access to Boot Camp information and actions
    • Improved Windows driver installation experience
    • Updated documentation and Boot Camp on-line help in Windows

    Bootcamp can be downloaded here

    Incidentally below is an example of the difference in format my Sony A190 was to the MacBook Pro (similar in price range).  My putting up on a stand and using an iCurve I managed to get a lot more desk space and organise the junk that was festering there before.


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