Banned words

Thanks to Darren Pearce, for adding to my banned words list following the word I, I'm or It

  • Apparently 

  • Can't

  • Don't know

  • Guess

  • Have no idea

  • Is too hard

  • Possibly

  • Presume

  • Pretty sure

  • Probably

  • Should be

  • Sorry

  • Supposed to

  • Think so

  • Would think

  • Works on my machine

Comments (2)

  1. Kevin Daly says:

    But would you really want to work with someone who won’t say "I don’t know"?

    Those people are dangerous (yeah, sure, it’s good if it’s followed by "but I’ll find out", but acknowledging ignorance is a *good* thing).

    Let’s leave that sort of thing to the Pointy Haired Boss community.

  2. GrantH says:

    My "scope creap" alarm bells fire on:

    Is it possible to…

    It would be nice if..

    Can you quickly change..

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