Windows Vista SP1 – my likes

Windows Vista SP1 is an update to Windows Vista that, along with improvements delivered to users via these other channels, addresses feedback from our customers. In addition to previously released updates, SP1 will contain changes focused on addressing specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging…


Vista gadgetsdemos in Financial Services

Gadgets: This is a gadget created by the Wholesale banking division of one of the larger North American banks (thanks Gary Kimmel):  TD Waterhouse Market View Gadget Rabobank TV Player Fidelity Market Monitor Demos: AJAX Demo: BMO Mortgage finder Application in English and French (thanks Hans Westphal) English French Silverlight: A…


BizTalk RFID Services – Sydney – Microsoft Partner Readiness Training

One of my technology passions is RFID. This is an opportunity for partners to join me in learning more about integrating RFID with existing and new business processes. Price: $790 ex GST Date: 28-29th Feb 2008 Venue: Sydney The aim of this 2 day hands-on course is to take the student from the “nuts and…


Microsoft Virtual Server support

When trying to compile a list of Microsoft application that are currently supported by virtualization, Shaji Samuel found this article.  See also the Windows Server System Common Engineering Criteria: overview full report  This criteria for the “Support for Virtual Server” was added back in 2005, the criteria “Windows Virtualization Support” has been added for 2008. …


Issues when editing editing PDFs via Sharepoint 2007

Earlier this year I had a customer who had some trouble editing PDF’s from within SharePoint. Edit Document is a standard feature of SharePoint. It requires Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) to open the document (specifically Owssupp.dll file),18 3) With help the standard "Open Document" icon can be represented as a PDF one and action…



Windows Server 2008 Component Posters Exchange Server 2007 Component Architecture Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory (x2 posters) Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Exchange 2007 BizTalk 2006 BizTalk Runtime


Quincy – Microsoft’s Green Data Center

I’ve been talking to customers quite a bit about Green Data Centers and in particular going beyond the greenwash. Michael Manos talks about energy efficiency and the projects in Quincy, Washington and San Antonio. Healso talks briefly about Microsoft’s data center site selection process, which uses 31 different variables (including land prices, power capacity and…


RFID case studies and presentation

Some video and case study information RFID Supply Chain Sushi Restaurant Enhances Quality Control, Customer Service with RFID Technology The business value of RFID Developer centre The possibilities are quite varied as you might imagine. For example: Australian Coal Mine to Enhance Safety Using RFID Also a link to the 2006 SOA conference and the…


Optimising Vista for Energy Efficiency

Following the green posting last month I recently came across some more articles. They go beyond the performance improvements are green improvements. Vista energy conservation (includes a calculator) Vista energy conservation benefits Optimizing Windows Vista for energy efficiency (Technical White Paper) I noted a new buzz word too – sub carbon footprints (subs)


Updating my Mac Mini Vista Media Center for Australia

There are a few issues I have left for a bit on my Mac Mini. I first updated the CPU to a Merom 2.16Ghz Core 2 Duo. This is a picture of what it should have looked like (according to the instructions I was using):   This is how my update looked:   The Australian…