New gadget – i-mate SPL

You know when things are bad when you are now no longer buying gadgets for yourself and begin to start justifying gadgets by buying them for your wife.  Well in this case her previous phone got stolen (my fault - left the car door open).

So criteria for phone (smartphone - ability to have synchronised calendar and phone/games, lightweight - not bulky, and not too complicated - ie. nice buttons).

I toyed with picking one up from the state via a colleague but in the end ordered an i-mate SPL from I was a bit disapointed that they didn't mark it as pre-order, so I cancelled the order and decided to order locally from Expansys (very helpful), where the expected release timeframe was the same (and wouldn't cost me in import taxes and potential future support issues) 

Yet to work out why SPL but given previous i-mate names perhaps I shouldn't read too much into it. I have Scottihs Premier League implanted in my mind for SPL. Hopefully the device should arrive soon so that I can err, configure it.


Being the latest, in a line of smartphones, and containing Windows Mobile 5 I was then amused that Windows CE 6.0 was accounced

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