Vista Readiness Review

Today I heard about a new service that Fatih Colgar and Richard Crawford are producing to aid customers in accelerating their migration to Vista. Some quick things to consider until I get hold of the high level details: Hardware Does your hardware support Windows Vista, what is the customer’s hardware renewal policy? How long might…


Windows Mobile Device Center (Beta 3 Release) for Windows Vista RC1+

As I discovered from here and from a colleague, the previously only internal WMDC is now at beta 3 stage and available for review and download: The device center was made available roughly at the same time as Windows Vista RC2 was quietly made available. Of interest RC2 is now smart enough to be…


Vista RC2 installs

Having waited for RC2 to arrive to sort out my Media Center woes on my Mac Mini, it was worth it. A combination of Bootcamp 1.1.1, Vista build 5744 (available a day earlier than I had anticipated) and Sigmatel installation (forced copy from Bootcamp XP drivers CD) saw my problems on gone (stuttering etc). It…


Radio Frequency Identification Beta 1 Walkthrough

Join the Sydney BizTalk User Group and get connected, get equipped and get opportunities to learn. Sign-up and you can pick up my recent RFID presentation is published here.


Sharepoint RSS ticker

One of the MOSS 2007 SharePoint web parts is an RSS or XML web part which can take XML content and transform it. Making a new ticker was tricky in 2003, though there was a nice solution I found here. In the new web part you can use this code to display a simple HTML…