Goodbye Microsoft

Today I resigned from Microsoft. While I’m leaving to take a big step in a new direction, I have to say, it’s with very mixed emotions. Five and a half years ago, I started a journey that changed me forever. Not only was it the realization of a teenage dream (I still remember unwrapping the…


Getting Started with Parallel Programming in .NET 4

So one of the features of .NET 4 that I’ve been eagerly awaiting is the new Parallel Programming “stuff”. Now, anyone who has worked in concurrent environments knows, it’s daunting to learn a new set of technologies, constructs, tools, etc. For those that haven’t worked in concurrent environments, the entry into concurrency can be downright…


WCF, REST and URL Rewriting with Windows Azure!

So there is nothing I find nicer than a well formatted, REST based URL. Take for example: http://myhost/customer/2/orders As a way to retrieve all orders for customer number 2. There is also nothing I like more than WCF! The flexibility to declaratively control the behavior of my web service is perfect for situations where I…


Build Your Own Pivot Server in Windows Azure!

So one thing I’ve been wanting to do since moving from the Windows Azure team to the Pivot team, is build a Pivot Dynamic Server in Windows Azure. Well, tonight I decided to do just that, allow me to expatiate! ;0 Let’s start with a basic overview of what Pivot requires to load a collection….


New Gig!

One of the things I love about working for Microsoft is the amazing amounts of opportunity to follow your passions. I’ve been very fortunate over my five years (yep, I celebrate 5 years at Microsoft this month) to have explored a number of great roles, and today I start off on another great adventure. So…


Australia, here I come… again!?

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it! And neither could Coatesy! That’s right, I’m being crated up and shipped back home to Terra Australis for a week of Windows Azure goodness from the 22nd of Feb to the 25th of Feb. Please check-out Coatesy’s blog for all the deets and I look forward…


Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow! Wow!

So I’m doing some prototyping at the moment and one of the most frustrating aspects of getting started with any prototype is capturing the: Flow Main Screens Specification I think in mind maps, so one of my biggest problems when starting a new project is setting up the high-level map of how everything is going…


Remote Command Service for Windows Azure!

So a while back I blogged a little sample code on how to get some info about what’s happening inside your instance using a simple process within a web page. Looking Inside Windows Azure! Well, I decided to refresh this code sample using one of my favorite features, InputEndpoints! So let’s take a quick tour…


My PDC09 Session – Code and Clip!

So one thing I’ve been terribly slack about since returning from PDC09 has been posting my session clip and code snippets for folks to download/reference, so my sincerest apologies, and without further ado: 1. My session 2. My slide deck 3. My code 4. My banner (picture care of JLD)! Let me know if you…


Guy Shahine from the Windows Azure Dev Team!

Guy has started blogging! Go check out his first post, and stay tuned for more information from the belly of the beast! Technorati Tags: Windows Azure,Dev Team