Save Your Word Docs to Windows Azure Blobs!

So Mohit and I were at WPC last week, and while we were hanging in the booth, a customer came up with a very interesting problem. Essentially, the customer needed to be able to have their Word documents saved to Windows Azure, in a format that could be opened in Word, but also consumed by…


WPC09 – My Windows Azure Session

Here is my session from the WPC09 in New Orleans:Lap around Windows Azure, Business Edition Big thanks to Eilert Hanoa from Mamut ASA for his help with the session, and to everyone who attended. 🙂 Hope everyone enjoyed WPC! 🙂 Technorati Tags: WPC09,Windows Azure


Windows Azure Project Attire!

So one of my favorite parts of working in the Windows Azure team is the camaraderie that grows when you take a bunch of really smart people and apply them to a big problem. I’m very fortunate to be part of three extremely interesting Windows Azure v-teams (teams assembled for a particular project or work…


Looking Inside Windows Azure!

So I’ve been working on a proof of concept this past week, and one of the biggest issues I’ve had has been trying to see what has been going on with my “container” when I deploy my app to Windows Azure. It’s not that the logs aren’t good enough, but sometimes I need to try…