Expression Blend 3 and SketchFlow! Wow!

So I’m doing some prototyping at the moment and one of the most frustrating aspects of getting started with any prototype is capturing the: Flow Main Screens Specification I think in mind maps, so one of my biggest problems when starting a new project is setting up the high-level map of how everything is going…


Remote Command Service for Windows Azure!

So a while back I blogged a little sample code on how to get some info about what’s happening inside your instance using a simple process within a web page. Looking Inside Windows Azure! Well, I decided to refresh this code sample using one of my favorite features, InputEndpoints! So let’s take a quick tour…


My PDC09 Session – Code and Clip!

So one thing I’ve been terribly slack about since returning from PDC09 has been posting my session clip and code snippets for folks to download/reference, so my sincerest apologies, and without further ado: 1. My session 2. My slide deck 3. My code 4. My banner (picture care of JLD)! Let me know if you…


Guy Shahine from the Windows Azure Dev Team!

Guy has started blogging! Go check out his first post, and stay tuned for more information from the belly of the beast! Technorati Tags: Windows Azure,Dev Team


Windows Azure, MSBuild, and Lotsa Files!

So I’ve been working on a project, and I came across a little challenge that I thought folks may be interested in the solution to. So, the problem is this, I have a dependency on a bunch of files that I need access to from my worker role in the cloud and dev fabric. I…


Documentation Driven Development!

So I was having lunch with our Programmer Writer, Tamra Myers the other day, and we got onto the conversation of documentation. I’m a huge Huge HUGE fan of documentation, in fact, when I coded in anger, I was known for my extensive, well written, downright Elizabethan doco. I was then having lunch with Simon…


What’s Your Cloud Address?

One of the many challenges to building a cloud is your addressing strategy. Now, addressing is an issue for any public facing Internal application, but for clouds, the issues increase because of the dynamic nature of deploying applications that require publicly addressable endpoints at huge scale. Let’s start by thinking about a traditional web application,…


Cloud Apprenticeship!

So I was talking to an old friend yesterday about building software, and we both came to the conclusion that there are some things you need to learn: From books From others From doing We then got onto the topic of cloud computing, he works in the same space, so it was a great context…


Windows Azure and Live ID Auth!

OK, so MattT (thanks for the feedback on my blog too Matt :)) pinged me and asked if something had changed in the way Live ID auth worked in Windows Azure. He was looking around Bing for some samples, and came across this post but couldn’t get it working. You’re right Matt, there was a…


Tracing Windows Azure Apps to Storage

So one of the things I like to do, all of the time, is trace. It started when I was a little child, and the rest of the kids could draw really good and stuff, and I couldn’t, so I would get pictures of horses and trace around them… Now that I’m older, I still…