How Can I Get A Azure Services Platform Token?

So many folks are asking, “How do I get a token for Azure Services Platform?” You will need to go to the Microsoft Connect site and register: Register for Services Because this is a CTP, there might be a slight wait (as in hour, days, weeks) for your code to arrive in your inbox, so…


Azure Services Training Kit!

If you want to get up to speed quickly with Azure Services Platform, make sure you check out the training kit: This has a bunch of great content, including hands-on labs, samples and sdks. If you have any questions email me directly on davidlem at microsoft com. Enjoy 🙂 Technorati Tags: Azure Services Platform


Day 1 PDC – Waiting to Exhale!

Jeez, now I know how Whitney felt! After what feels like forever, we were able to announce our cloud services platform, Azure. So what is Azure? Well first of all, Azure, or the Azure Services Platform is a service platform which provides developers with the ability to host, integrate and share their applications through the…


PDC2008 – Day Minus 1

So I got up early this morning to go see how the preparations were going for PDC2008. First Franky and I stopped at the worlds famous Original Pantry on South Figueroa to have some brekky. Then it was onto the LACC. The front sign says it all! Inside I was greeted by the biggest Think…


On the Way to PDC2008 – Day Minus 2

So I’m at Seattle airport waiting for my flight to LA a couple of days ahead of the PDC 2008. It’s been a crazy 4 months getting ready and as I’m learning everyday, nothing can prepare you for something this big. There are so many things I’m looking forward to; catching up with old friends,…


Developer Ergonomics!

So one of the challenges of building developer platforms and tools is capturing feedback. Feedback comes in two forms; the first is what normally gets funneled into “Customer" feedback, and focuses more on the features and capabilities of your technology. The other is what I call operator feedback, or in my patch, “Developer” feedback, and…


What’s Ray Gonna Say!?

So leading up to the PDC we’re asking developers to Think Way Outside The Box! And I for one want to find out from developers what are some of the solutions or ideas that they are thinking about when they think about the cloud? Is it something that can handle millions of users in the…


Are You Thinking Way Outside The Box??

So the PDC is 20 days away, and the thunder is starting to roll. I arrived (like most) at work today to find these signs up… On the walkway into the Building 18 cafe: Then where I wait for my double short latte… And finally on the walk to where my office is… Think Way…