The Emperors New Clothes! Community CRM 4 DevJam!

Well, it finally arrived, and how splendid it is!

Optimus Primo

So where am I planning to wear this fantastic garb to? Well, to the community CRM 4 launch!

When is that? Good question. Not sure. I'm working on the plan now, but my high level thinking is that we run a weekend DevJam in conjunction with the local User Groups, and serve up some of the hot developer training content that was developed at HQ in Redmond by the product team (9 smoking HOLs on how to do everything from custom entities to workflow to plug-ins, in Visual Studio, Sharepoint and CRM).

My thoughts at this point is we (those passionate about CRM 4 development) reach out to the local user group el presidentes, work with them to setup events in each city through their favorite training company, then run a full day of hands-on lab style training and breakouts.

What do folks think? Is this something we can do? Who wants to put their hands up to help me do this! We can try and get some sponsorship from local companies (I'll put my hand up to run around with the hat), and I reckon if I cry loud enough, big daddy (MSFT) will cough up some cash too. I'll also front the VPC images and lab manuals.

Spread the word. And what's more, if we can stagger the dates, then I'll do my very best to bring Optimus to a local Dynamics CRM 4 Community DevJam near you 😉

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  1. Dugie says:

    Dude, that’s dedication.  Luv ya style Dave!

  2. OK, so since my last post on my new costume for the CRM 4 DevJam , I’ve had a bunch of emails asking:

  3. OK, so since my last post on my new costume for the CRM 4 DevJam , I've had a bunch of emails asking

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