Want A CRM 4 Sandbox? Speak Now!

Here ye, here ye!

If you are:

  • An Independent Software Vendor (you have to be someone who writes software and then sells it to someone else), and 
  • Have a great S+S (a.k.a SaaS) idea, and
  • Need a cranking platform (*cough* *cough* CRM 4) to get it off the ground, and
  • Are located in Australia, and not necessarily
  • Have $1,000 in small bills, cash, in a small brown gymnasium bag, that you are willing to pass to me under a rickety dining table at a small family run Sri Lankan restaurant in East Dandenong while wearing a khaki safari suit and rhinestone spectacles

Then contact me quickly. As it turns out, there are whispers in the big house (Redmond) that if we can find some unreal ISV's who want to do some unreal stuff on a hosted CRM 4 sandbox, then we could, like, get you unreal access. How unreal!

Email me... email me now xx

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