Cya 2008

Wow, so it’s 5:38pm on Wednesday the 31st of December, 2008, I’ve just wrapped up some last minute posts and am getting ready to head home. What a year 2008 has been, just thinking back over it, it’s been one of the most amazing years of my life. What were some of the highlights? My…


Windows Azure Logs!

So I’ve been playing around with the logging capabilities in Windows Azure, and have some thoughts to get down. Firstly, Windows Azure provide provides an object called the RoleManager as part of its Runtime API. With the RoleManager, you can WriteToLog (or write to a log). You can write different levels of messages, such as…


Windows Azure Storage – Queues [0]!

OK, so let’s get stuck into queues! Queues in the Windows Azure Storage service provide reliable storage and delivery of messages. There is no limit to the number of messages you can have in a queue, however in the current PDC release, any message older than 1 week will get cleaned up by the GC….


Windows Azure – Final Updates to PhotoStore App!

So I wanted to do a round out post on my little blob project, PhotoStore. Tonight I added the last bit of functionality which was to enable adding a description of the photo and storing it that against the photo as metadata. To recap, here is the functional/service matrix from my app: App F(x) Platform…


Getting To My Sample Code!

So I didn’t realize that marking my repo read-only to anonymous users, did not mean that you could not view the repo through Beanstalk’s web front end. Instead, you’ll need to connect directly to the SVN repo. To do that, you can either connect to the SVN web UI, which is ok (you can use…


Windows Azure – End to End App Dev Journal

So after playing around with the blob storage a little bit, I decided to embark on a simple end to end project with the main objective of building some muscle around developing a Windows Azure application across multiple machines (working from the office and home, using source control, etc) over multiple days. So what did…


Windows Azure Storage – More Blobs!

So in my last blob related post, I setup the code so that I could simply call the Create Container action on the Blob Rest API. My next step is to upload a picture file to that container. Now, you won’t need to change much of the code, but as we are now starting to…


Windows Azure Storage – Exploring Blobs!

So I’ve been working through the storage services for Windows Azure (well, I’ve only just begun) and thought I’d walk through the basic steps to storing something in Blob Storage, first by using the local development storage service. Now, to get started, let’s quickly review Windows Azure Storage Services (and do not even dare creating…


Windows Azure – What Happens in the Data Center?

So I’ve been wading through internal documents, watching PDC sessions, and having 1:1’s with the team, all in an attempt to get my head around Windows Azure. There’s a lot of moving parts, and a lot of complexity as you’d expect, but it also makes a lot of sense when it all starts to marinate…


I’m Going To Be In Oz!

I’m heading back to Australia for some R&R, and work, and will be on the clock from the 16th of Feb, 2009 to the 25th of Feb, 2009. So, if you have: A Usergroup Meeting A Developer Event A Catch-up A Scheduled Dunny Break A Probate Hearing Let me know! I’d love to tag along…