Optimus Prime @ The CRM 4 Launch?? Could Be!

Yesterday while walking through the local shopping center with Yil, we both noticed a little kid running around dressed in a little Transformers costume. He was about 4 years old, and it was one of those tracksuit style costumes.

Now, like some good mates, I'm a huge 80's fan (I spent years 3 - 13 in that warp), and for a brief moment, I pictured myself, resplendent in Optimus Prime costume, running carefree through the shops too.

Then it hit me! What if I turned up to the CRM 4 Launch, dressed as Optimus Prime. I could crawl on all fours making truck sounds to the lecturn, stand up while making Transformer sounds, announce "CRM 4 will Transform the way you do business", then return to the crawling position, with Transformer sounds off course, then crawl away, while making truck sounds off course!

Now, as Yil pointed out, most people would be thinking WTF? And the others would be on the best 80's time warp trip of their lives, but hey, who cares.

But this is where things get interesting. Yil says to me, "What if I found you an adult sized Optimus Prime costume?... Would you wear it for real?"

I say, "Off course!" with the bravado of a man confident that no business man in his right mind would create an "Adult" sized version of a children's animated character from the 80's!



How wrong was I?

Hmm, I reckon if I get 50 comments on my blog insisting that I keep my part of the bargain with Yil, I'll do it! I'll wear an adult Optimus Prime costume to the CRM 4 launch in Oz.

Autobots - roll out!

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  1. You must not only do it, you must obtain video and post it on youtube and link it back from your blog.

    And no sneaky trying to get out of it by not moderating the comments through, either 😉

  2. mennotk says:

    I think this is your first comment insisting you will keep your part of the bargain. Please do make pictures when it happens though 🙂

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Are Microsoft employess eligle to vote? If so count me in. And everyone I know.


  4. If you’re an Aussie and you want to see Optimus Prime at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 launch in Oz …for

  5. Yil says:

    Gold – I knew it exsisted!!!  Must I remind you that you said you would not only wear it to the CRM 4 launch in Oz – BUT also at Chadstone Shopping Centre!! (Yes, I know after some thought you did say forget Chaddy – BUT I NEVER FORGET MWAAAHHHAHAHAHAHA)

    Awesome – so have you placed an order yet?  

  6. 50 comments from 50 people? Or can I comment twice?

    Consider this a comment.

    BTw, 50 is a bit rich!


  7. Frank Arrigo says:

    +1 from me

    happy to ship the outfit down to you too

  8. nigemo says:

    +1 and no squirming out of it if you get the votes 🙂

  9. MSDN Archive says:

    I like it.

    But you’re gonna have to do a bit of work to make your voice all hoarse and sexy like Optimus. Not that your voice isn’t already sexy, you just need a different kind of sexy. 🙂

  10. BTW, when is the launch?

  11. If you're an Aussie and you want to see Optimus Prime at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 launch in Oz

  12. George says:

    You must do it

  13. George L says:

    You must do it!

  14. Liz C says:

    You must do it Dave

  15. Patty C says:

    You have to do it Dave

  16. Deeps says:


  17. Berno says:

    #18 Yes from me!

  18. dugie says:

    Dave, it’s +1 here too.

  19. BenE says:

    Please – DO IT

  20. williamcornwill says:

    Brilliant, sounds like it will be a hoot (or toot or honk – what ever noise you want to make).

  21. Andrew Buttigieg says:

    +1 from me. You can also have the original 80’s theme playing in the background to add to the atmosphere

  22. nicfill says:


    I’d like to see you wear a body paint version of the Optimus Prime costume,.. now THAT would be something


  23. NIKE said it best.   "JUST DO IT"…

    Or – like Starsky & Hutch…   "Ddo it, ddo it."

  24. +1.

    You’re in Melbourne, right? When’s the launch?

  25. Travos says:

    Roll out!

  26. Chris says:

    +1 … I gotta see this at the launch

  27. The scary thing is:  that could be the defining moment of your life. 🙂 +1 vote from me.

  28. Athan says:

    +1 from me

  29. Looking forward to see the pictures!

    +1 (#24)

  30. Huib Aarts says:

    although I cannot be present I would like to see the video/pictures.

  31. Guess I’m number 23 and you get another +1. Besides pictures please make sure to take a video as well and share it on your blog 🙂

  32. Jeroen says:


    Start thinking about ordering the costume!

  33. Bertil says:

    Looking foreward to see the pictures.. 😀

  34. Arleigh Taylor says:

    I’ve got to add my comments or Menno will never speak to me again.

  35. Please do it Dave!

    And don’t forget to make pictures…

  36. Please, please dress up as optimus prime. It would suit the Mo!

  37. Man With No Name says:

    You must do it for the sake of humanity!!!

  38. You must do it ! 🙂

  39. You know you have to Davo, and others have said, make sure there is footage for all the world to see!

  40. Andy says:

    I’m on board. +1 here.

  41. Ben Vollmer says:

    I just bought that costume for my son…. It rocks… Now I would LOVE to see you wear it…. 🙂 🙂 Isn’t this like comment #35 or so?

  42. lbonnes says:

    It would be very OZZZZZZtentatious of you to do so.

  43. Mike Hall says:

    Do it, but make sure that someone records the event on video and posts to Channel9 or Soapbox so we have "evidence"!

    – Mike

  44. Van Yang says:

    +1 here.  Don’t worry, the shame and embarressment will only settle in before you fall asleep that night.

  45. jorke says:

    Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can make an error. 🙂

  46. mdodd says:

    I’m way down in the USA, but you hafta do it!

    Can you count all of the co-workers on our CRM Team (6 of us total)?

  47. Grant says:


    Transformers… da-da-da-da dar dar

  48. sarika says:

    go for it!

  49. Tim Wragg says:

    + 1 here too Dave… 🙂

  50. Soundwave says:

    Soundwave officially supports this filthy humans desire to worship the false autobot idol "Optimus Prime".

    Megatron is the one true leader! Your foolishness will be your downfall!


    Lots of love, Soundwave

  51. Brett Tyrrell says:

    You got my vote (c’mon guys, we’re half way there!)

  52. Brett Tyrrell says:

    You’ve got my vote (c’mon fellow Transformer’s geeks, we’re half way there)

  53. Ben Walters says:

    Dave I’m not going to be there but you have to do it if not for me do it for the kids :o)

  54. +1 Go for it Optimus 🙂

  55. yay says:

    +1 from me

  56. Yes, yes… I said that if I received 50 comments to this post: Optimus Prime @ The CRM 4 Launch– Could

  57. Yes, yes… I said that if I received 50 comments to this post: Optimus Prime @ The CRM 4 Launch– Could

  58. Jorn says:

    I think you should do it. Here’s one more comment.

  59. Bowie says:

    Do it. If only for the adult sized children’s clothes cause. "Children’s" shoes are cool. Adult shoes are boring…

  60. Neil Benson says:

    Dave, I’ve heard that Mark Benioff has ordered a Megatron outfit so that he can fly in and kick your ass. Take care!

  61. Java Froth Mouth... says:

    So are you doing it?

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