JC Penney Catalog! Circa 1977! What A Great Year!

Now, I was born in 1977, and never regretted it, until now! There is an email going around, and it is pure gold (and green)! Tonnes of ideas for Christmas! Including matching “Stretch Terry Jumpsuits”… It’s here on my SkyDrive for all to enjoy… so, enjoy. http://cid-2acaee0f398245b2.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Funsies/JC%20Penney%201977%20Catalog.pdf Technorati tags: JC Penney Catalog 1977


Twas The Last Mo’nday in Mo’vember!

Ahh, how time has flown. I can’t believe it’s already the last Mo’nday in Mo’vember. For my last hoorah, I decided to create the piece of resistance, my finest mo’work… It’s shorter, smoother, quicker… friskier!!! I call it “The Hare”! It’s reminiscent of my heritage. Careless days spent by my more moustachioed ancestors in Ceylon,…


Dynamics Developer Sessions – All 3 Screencasts last….!

And finally we have “Integrating CRM 4 (aka Titan) with ASP.NET and Microsoft Virtual Earth”: So that’s it! As I get around to recording more screencasts, I’ll get them up to the Silverlight Streaming service, then post them here. Technorati tags: Microsoft Dynamics, Nav 5.0, Virtual Earth, Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET AJAX


Dynamics Developer Sessions – All 3 Screencasts cont…!

The next screencast we have is “Build A VE Mashup with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0”: Technorati tags: Microsoft Dynamics, Nav 5.0, Virtual Earth, Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET AJAX


Dynamics Developer Sessions – All 3 Screencasts!

OK, so I’ve finally got the whole capture, produce and publish thing working, so getting my Dynamics Developer screencasts up and out should be a lot smoother in the future. The first three are from the Dynamics Developer Session quarterly briefing, and the code samples can be found here:  The first screencast is “Microsoft Dynamics…


There Are Two Things In This World I Won’t Break!

Yes, yes… I said that if I received 50 comments to this post: Optimus Prime @ The CRM 4 Launch– Could Be! That I would follow through, and wear an adult sized costume to the CRM 4 launch… Well… So… Now, I’ve also been working with the creative collective in Melbourne (Shanemo and Nigel), and…


It’s "Tito" Mo’nday!!!

So, I woke up this Mo’nday, the third this Mo’vember, and thought to myself, “What’s my inspiration?” It’s not a question I can readily answer, so instead, I let the universe call to me. It started with my shave. Now, I decided each Mo’nday of Mo’vember, I would create a new persona with my ‘tash….


Optimus Prime @ The CRM 4 Launch?? Could Be!

Yesterday while walking through the local shopping center with Yil, we both noticed a little kid running around dressed in a little Transformers costume. He was about 4 years old, and it was one of those tracksuit style costumes. Now, like some good mates, I’m a huge 80’s fan (I spent years 3 – 13…


Dynamics Developer Session #1 – Screencast Part 1

For those who attended the first Dynamics Developer Sessions, big thanks for dropping by and participating; not only were the after session chats very insightful, but the follow up emails were extremely valuable. Lots of great ideas for the next session which will be held early Feb 2008. Onto the code. Now, there are a…


Mo’nday… It’s Getting Thicker!

So, second Mo’nday for Mo’vember, and I’m looking quite the ‘tashman! Now, one of the funnier incidents this week was at my local supermarket. I’ve been working away in the back garden for the past few weeks, and have been getting around the ‘hood looking quite the handyman. So I walk into the supermarket to…