Windows Live SDK – Forms and ASP.NET Usage!

So by now, most people have heard the news that there will be a CRM "Titan" Live offering/service coming down the pipe... if not, check out Ben's post for more info.

Anyhoo, I've aimed my sights squarely on CRM Live and in general, how Enterprise organizations can start to leverage the goodness that is mashing up stuff, and apply it to their internal SOA investments. But one of the common questions that I get asked is, "How do safely loop in cloud based services like Hotmail, etc. in my apps?"

The answer starts with using a common authentication mechanism, one that is prevalent amongst the services you're targeting. On the Windows Live side, for services like Hotmail and Messenger, Windows Live ID is the way to go. In the future, Windows Live ID will also support CardSpace, so for those looking to leverage the cloudy/ISB goodness of BizTalk Labs, this is going to be important.

So how do you get started? Pretty simply really... [Full post at]

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