W00t! BizTalk Services… in The Cloud!

I little while back I posted about what it would look like if we were able to have business process orchestrations in the cloud?

Well, today we opened to the public BizTalk Services!! What's BizTalk Services? Well, it's a set of integration services in the cloud. What that means is that you can now integrate with other applications over the cloud.

So take for example, a web based solution that needs to integrate with two online trading partners. You can build your hosted application in the cloud, wire up through BizTalk Services to the other two online trading partner gateways, and not have to worry about setting up all the integration infrastructure on your side of the fence! W00t!

So, go register, download the SDK, and start playing. This is going to be hot, trust me!

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  1. This just in…. Microsoft has just released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of BizTalk Services

  2. Arno's Blog says:

    Actuellement l’ESB ( Enterprise Service Bus ) permet aux entreprises de reposer sur des principes d’architecture

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