Custom Web Development Jumpstart…What’s This??

In this world of constant change, where the cries of one's soul for recognition are stifled by the drone of the machinery, even the slightest glint of hope can emancipate the human spirit above the detritus of bad design!!

Bad design!? I bet you felt my little elegy was going quite well until I hit that note! Well, the stem of my thought originated from this little package (ha ha, yes, let's move above the belt line shall we??) I found in the cupboard near my desk.


Shanemo assures me it's free to the public, so I lay down a challenge... a défi if you would.

Leave your own elegy based on your personal web development lamentations as a comment on my blog, and I'll send you one of these jump start packs! (Until they all run out!) 

Each pack has Web Dev and Office Live goodies, including dev guides, sample apps, and stuff on creating sidebar gadgets and integrating CardSpace! What more do you want!? (Don't tell me, I don't need anymore stress!)

So get writing... it's good for the soul!

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  1. Wow, first post!

    The promise of Passport dangling out there for many years, so nice and shiny.  And yet, such a pain and so costly to do.  Cardspace is surely something that Joe Webstart can adopt.

    Is it possible to really integrate with the Vista desktop?  Can I really produce something that could cohabitate with the Travelocity Gnome?  No telling what happens on that sidebar when the screen saver hides things from prying eyes…

    Please send me a copy, that fountain of knowledge that will keep me on the true path.  I want to go to the light, I want to Live!

    Send to: 2709 Glenwood Ct., Carrollton, TX  75006, please!

    Jeers at my fantastical poor writing may also be sent.  It’s your stamp, man…


    Walt Lounsbery

  2. Alex says:

    I’m no good at Elegy’s but was wondering if I could get one of your jumpstart packs so I can develop a killer web app, make millions and stay at home watching my kids grow up.



  3. Personal Web Development – I can cast my mind back to the goold old (bad old?) days of FrontPage, and Frames layouts – bad design by today’s standards – but it’s was all the rage back in 1999 !    

    "So tonight I’m gonna code it like it’s 1999" – as Prince would say !

    That’s the thing with today’s efforts – so many websites are not so much "designed" – but template’d.

    Think MySpace, and Blogger – and WordPress – I guess they’re out of [blog] than website "as such".

    But – still there is a need for "designers" – some great new tools too – Expression & WPF/E.

    Have a look at for a great UI site – good design, easy to find stuff.

    But – that’s designed in FLASH (cough, cough).

    As a developer, the pretty, fancy design is the least of my concerns or troubles – SHOULD it be ?   Is that the point of this rhetoric ?

    Also – fancy graphics and layout takes TIME – and so Project Managers will be wanting to limit this – budgets, the almight $, etc.

    I think the Expression Web products, and "design" as such as mainly in the realm of advertising – where money is less of a concern – to make a sale, that is.

    Not so much an ASP.NET app, or the re-branding of a MOSS site, etc.

    <soapbox />

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