5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

Rory tagged me, which was so sweet, so let me drop thy "proverbial" pants 😉

1. I have a half-sleeve tattoo (tried to take a piccie, but very hard to do with a sleeveful shirt on!) on my right arm. It is inspired by a range of Japanese icons, including Mount Fuji and the treasured Sakura

2. My parents were both born in Sri Lanka! I was born at St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Hospital in Malvern, Victoria, Australia.

3. I played American Football for 10 years from 16 y.o to 26 y.o. I started as a Tail Back, but moved to Right Outside Linebacker. My playing number was #44.

4. I grew up in a bakery/pizza shop, and have an incurable addiction to the devil's doughy delicacy!

5. I am married to Yildiz (sorry for the photo hun ;)) and we have two furry children named Monix and Nelson.

I'm tagging Shanemo, Dotti, Graham and Noige! Go to work boys!

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  1. Deeps says:

    Had no idea you are a American Football fan.  Im a Madden addict, get it for xbox 360 and Ill challenge you on live….

  2. Your (now distraught) Wife! ;-) says:

    Of ALL of the photo’s of me there are, I can’t believe that’s the one you dredged up from the hellish depths of somewhere.  Revenge will be sweet my love :o)

  3. Tom and Dave tagged me, so here are some facsinating (???) facts I grew up in Perth where I went to highschool

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