Security Interchange!

The Australian Security Interchange kicks off in February, but Chucky has opened the gates early, and is taking registrations now! Check out the link to his blog to find out more, and make sure you get along, as we have some of our best security experts presenting! Enjoy 🙂


Dev’garten Launch in Melbourne!

Hi ya’ll, please join me at the CITC in Melbourne on the 30th of January for the launch of the Dev’garten. I’ll have some goodies to giveaway, and will be giving a presentation on the what, when, where, how, who, you, too on Dev’garten, and I might even have a special visitor… See you’ll…


What’s better than being an MVP?..Part II!

So the response over my post about my views on the MVP programme have raised some great debate, which I think, has been long overdue. But rather than just leave it “unresolved”, I felt I needed to follow up on my original post. My feeling for some time is that there are two major considerations…


Tim and I work on our flow!

Tim Wragg (Sharepoint hellcat and secret WWF fetishist) and I will be performing this Tuesday the 24th at the VDNUG meeting. I’ll be playing the castanets, Tim will be singing and on lead triangle. We decided instead of doing the usual presentation on Windows Workflow Foundation, we would convert it into an interpretative dance about two…


What’s better than being an MVP?.. An MVP Nominator!

I received a really nice surprise this morning in my pigeon hole, a certificate of recognition for nominating MVP’s! Now, I was an MVP (as I always tell people, it was only for a couple of days, but they were special) so I know how important the MVP award is for those who consistently contribute…


My heritage is looking pretty sketchy!

On the back of Franky’s post, I thought I must find the answer to my roots at! Jeez, I should have known better! At 56%, it’s me and Double ‘ya: And then at 50%, it’s Mr. Kung Fu himself: Yikes! But what was even scarier was that at 53% it brought up Britney Spears!!…


Treat your mother right!

My bro’ just pointed me to this for all those mothers out there: Mr. T’s love is smoother than buttermilk! Go T! I love the last frame of the clip, “Be somebody”. Ahh, I miss the good ‘ole days where everything had a message. From He-man to Fat Albert, you always knew there was…


Dev’garten and Hosted Team Foundation Server!

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with a local Microsoft Gold Partner called WDG, on plans for a new hosted service around Team Foundation Server! In addition to this, I’ve been working with Intel and Shuttle on the Dev’garten concept, around getting online and offline resources available for developers to get their feet…


Something to Drools over!

My good friend and Java froth-mouth, George Papas, shot me a link to a new Java framework yesterday called Drools. Drools, and it’s .NET red-headed cousin, Drools.Net, are a rules engine built upon the Rete algorithm developed by Dr. Charles L. Forgy. I must say, I got pretty excited, as previous projects such as JRules…