Go Elf Yourself!

Franky sent me this link! It’s the best in the world! http://www.elfyourself.com/ This was mine: This was Frank (using that timeless airbrushed image ;)): Simply upload your picture, align it to your Elf body, and dance baby, DANCE!


Urghh!! It’s not Web 2.0! It’s Marketing List Nxt!

I was having a chat with the crew at work, and as usual, the big Monday topic is Web 2.0 (sigh)! And the start of the the conversation was about the concept of the Web 2.0 business model, and “Entering with your exit strategy”! So I threw my $0.02 worth in, and said, “Web 2.0…


Robot Olympiad Wrap Up

I’ve been on the Gold Coast for the past few days attending the International Robot Olympiad on the Gold Coast, and all I can say is, far out brussel sprout. Where do I start. I should probably begin with the competition (I wasn’t competing, only spectating and presenting). The competitors had to build, code, test…


Social Spasms

I toddled off to the city today to grab some pressies for the Smith Family Christmas Appeal (it’s a program where you donate presents for underprivileged kids for Christmas) and had a couple of those unfortunate social spasms, that I thought I should share with everyone. Now, for those who aren’t clear what I mean,…


How To Play the Business Service Integration Game!

I was talking with Anna today about my idea about BPSL, and she asked me a simple yet pretty powerful question, “What would it look like if people started doing it?”. Good question Anna, and I suppose the key thing is if you were to walk through a standard commercial interaction between all the parties…


SaaS Special Interest Group in Sydney, Australia

For those interested in tracking, discussing, sharing, and collaborating around Software as a Service, Greg Willis, Technology Specialist for Microsoft in the Communications and Media space, is getting a posse together! Now, it’s in the early stages of being hatched, but he is keen to hear back from anyone who wants to get something going, specifically around…


Business Process as a Service! Meta-layers and Designers!

I’ve received a number of emails today following my presentation last week at the Microsoft Australia SOA and Business Process Conference, asking me to provide some more insight into my concept (blue-sky idea) of Business Process as a Service (BPaaS… he he), meta-layers and designers. My session was on the evolution of the SaaS model,…


The IP Moneycycle for SI’s!

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with SI’s, both at the coalface as a consultant and as a customer. One thing that occurs to me with SI’s is that not many make the most of their IP effort, and in turn, are not aware of the IP moneycycle. What’s the IP moneycycle? It’s the…


Franky’s Shame!

When I was young, my brother and I used to go over to my cousins house for school holidays to hang out. One day we went to my Uncles garage (he is a mechanic) to muck around, and my little cousin found a stash of magazines under one of the workbenches. Now I’m sure you’re…


To Cool to Walk Fast!

Now I’m not one to rant (I’m not!), but on Friday I came across yet another reason why I’m convinced a portable death-ray should exists, and be purchasable from Dick Smith! I had a meeting in the city. I parked my car, walked out onto the street, and started on my way to the clients…