Another Opening in Franky’s Team…Mine!

Ahh yes, it's with mixed feelings (notice how people always put that in emails when someone is leaving??) that I announce my departure from the role of .NET Developer Evangelist.

I still remember when I started...

And my first blog post on MSDN Blogs...

My first Flash editorial...

And the stats aren't bad...

Days in job: 671

Number of Blog Posts: 415

Number of Comments: 561

Number of Trackbacks: 195

Traveled: Many times around Oz, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, U.S

Number of TechEd's: 2 (Gold Coast, 2005) (Sydney, 2006)

So the obvious question remains...where am I going???

NO WHERE!! Buahahahha...(perhaps I'm the only person who found this setup devilishly witty!?) I'm actually just moving to a new role, still within Franky's team, still as a Developer Evangelist (notice I said above, .NET DE), but focusing more on working with ISV's around our Dynamics platform.

So while I'm not really going anywhere, I kind of am... (cue Highway to Heaven music) 😉

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  1. frankarr says:

    Position Filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m back in the office today after a short break . Before I went on holidays, I was doing a bit of wheeling

  3. As you may have seen David Lemphers will be changing his role and will be focusing on Microsoft Dynamics

  4. So I’ve been in my new job as a Dynamics ISV Evangelist for 16 days now, and I’m really loving it. Back

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