So That’s What They Call It!

Shane and I were having a bit of a laugh about some of the quotes from Borat (my favorite one being, "I will look upon your treasures, gypsy. This is understood?"), and he was telling me about this clown on MTV that used to insult people, and that the poor people being insulted had this look on their face like, "You're a clown, how can you say such things!" (clearly they were naive as to the pure evilness of clowns!), and he described it as "cognitive dissonance"! I have to say, I've never heard this term before (Shanemo assures me its an industry term, like "on all fours" in law... he he), but experienced it many times.

So what is "cognitive dissonance"? Essentially, it's having two conflicting thoughts, such as for me this morning, while eating my parmesan/vegemite toast, my nose tells me to back away from the bread, but my taste buds are telling me to party like its 1999!

So next time you're in that meeting, and your sitting across from the customer who looks like they just work up in a dumpster and wandered into your pre-sales call, but they are promising to sign the million dollar PO if you jump through a few "hoops", and you're feeling uneasy, that's CD baby!

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  1. Dean Harding says:

    I thought cognitive dissonance was more like when you’re trying to convince yourself that you did the right thing, contrary to appearances.

    Like say you buy a new car, and subsequently a bunch of reviews come out saying it has terrible performance, uses too much fuel and whatnot. And you try to justify your purchase anyway by saying, "yeah, but I bought it cause the interior is so comfy and roomy" (or something).

    I don’t know, I never liked psychology 🙂

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