A Fix for Shane’s Anxiety! Voodoo Blogger!

Shane and I were about to create his blog, when he baulked! After a quick query, it turned out he didn't want the "vacuum" of a blog to fill in the next two weeks while he gets across all the Microsoftrivia!

And then it came to me! I too suffer from the occasional blog anxiety, and would like to sustain my "voracious" blog poster cred, and what better to do that than Voodoo Blogger! Yes, you too can now maintain a steady stream of brain bog and keep all those readers wandering..."How does he blog so frequently!?"

So, my idea for Voodoo Blogger is simple! The service monitors your blog, and based on a frequency setting, will complement your "real" blogging with a template based post...

So something along the lines of:

Today I was checking out this site, <InsertRandomSiteUrl>, and I thought, wow, this is <InsertRandomBlogRating>, so I sent it to <InsertRandomFriendsName>, but they thought it <InsertRandomBlogEmotion>!

What do you think?

Shazam! Instant blog howitzer fame!

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  1. Created by Voodoo Blogger Today I was checking out this site, http://blogs.msdn.com/davidlem , and I

  2. Where to start, where to start? Dave Glover (MS evangelist) gave me some good advice – better than David

  3. LOL – that idea is so cool I think I might steal it. <g>

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