Franky’s Shame!

When I was young, my brother and I used to go over to my cousins house for school holidays to hang out. One day we went to my Uncles garage (he is a mechanic) to muck around, and my little cousin found a stash of magazines under one of the workbenches. Now I’m sure you’re…


To Cool to Walk Fast!

Now I’m not one to rant (I’m not!), but on Friday I came across yet another reason why I’m convinced a portable death-ray should exists, and be purchasable from Dick Smith! I had a meeting in the city. I parked my car, walked out onto the street, and started on my way to the clients…


Vista! DPE Stahyle!

Paul Lanigan, Microsoft’s Partner Account Manager for System Builders, and resident Vista Tzar, now sits next to the DPE team in Melbourne. It was only a matter of time before our pimpish blingtastic attitude rubbed off on him. So it’s no surprise to find Paul, this afternoon, chilling out in front of a 32″ Plasma screen, scribbling…


Snowbot! Walk Away From The Scissors!

I’m sure Franky’s intentions were pure, but it only took me a few moments talking to my stock broker (you know the type of conversation, rocking back in your chair, pony tail waving, using machismo launguage at the top of your voice while your work mates cringe with embarassment for you) before Snowbot went Naomi!…


Get In Kahootz!

So I spent the last three days at the annual VITTA conference, speaking and hanging out at the Microsoft booth, and while I’ll save my full report for a later post (I want to try and leave before it gets dark today), I really wanted to share this little nugget that was shared with me…


Corbis…Cool Royalty-Free Pix!

I was prepping for a presentation recently, and wanted to steer away from the boring old slide deck template, and found some awesome Graffiti art on Corbis! This is one of the pix I used: There is a mix of RF and Rights Managed pictures and illustrations; and it’s easy to search and download from…


A Fix for Shane’s Anxiety! Voodoo Blogger!

Shane and I were about to create his blog, when he baulked! After a quick query, it turned out he didn’t want the “vacuum” of a blog to fill in the next two weeks while he gets across all the Microsoftrivia! And then it came to me! I too suffer from the occasional blog anxiety,…


SP5, Windows Movie Maker and SoapBox! My 1st Trials Mobie!

I’ve been wanting to see how easy it would be to make my own movie using nothing but my i-mate SP5, Windows Movie Maker and a little bit of time. Since I’ve been learning to ride Trials for the past 10 months, I decided to use it as my inspiration for my first Mobie. So…


Sponsor Scottees Mo!

Scotty “Fletch” Fletcher; DPE Marketing Dude, Ex-Intern, Microsoft Man of Leisure, and general Ladies Assassin, is growing a ‘tash for Movember! Click on his link below:®o=39643&country=au&galatickets=0 And sponsor him some coin so that he may help the Movember Cause!