The Ferdies! A Community Awards Program!!

I'm talking to Rob Farley (of "You could win from here!" fame) on IM about DailyDevelopers, and he has come up with an awesome idea; a set of annual community awards!

I'm running with it, and am thinking the name, The Ferdies is a good frame for it (well, for now anyway!).

This is exactly what our community needs! An annual awards night, where the best players in a set of categories are recognized for their hardwork! Categories like:

  • Best New Talent (Development)
  • Best New Talent (IT Pro)
  • Best New Presenter (Community)
  • Most Valuable Playa (Community)
  • Most Valuable Playa (Blogging)
  • Most Valuable Crocodile Shoes (Worldwide)

You get the drift! And it should be something with all the hoopla and hype of a Logies (or Fogies as I like to call it after John Whatshisfaces win last year, bleh!) or equivalent glory'fest; even better, something along the lines of the Players Ball (for all you The Mack fans)!

So Rob, what next!? How you gonna get this thing swimming!?

Comments (1)

  1. GFitz says:

    How about calling it The Nerdies??

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