TechEd Was Great…But WTF Was With The Party!?

OK OK, so everyone is recovering from TechEd, getting back into the this and that. And while there has been much talk about the bits and pieces that rocked and did not, I have to say this, “Who was smokin’ ‘caine during the “Let’s plan a TechEd party” meeting!?”

I mean, it was completely gross! And I don’t mean Nebraska Gross either!

So let me tease out my top 10 peeves, just for reference when planning next year’s party!

  1. Avoid going to a nightclub! Period!

  2. Avoid having your attendees faced with Neanderthal Man bouncing at the door (I don’t know about you, but only Secret Service agents or Jason Bourne have true reason to wear earpieces! You’re bouncing at a skanky nightclub NM, not the White House!!!)

  3. Turn on the lights! We’re not in a server room! We’re not trying to “pick up” our colleagues (well most of us anyway) under the cover of darkness! I prefer to see what sticky concoction of alcohol, food and lord knows what else is binding my foot to the floor!

  4. NRL Rugby Players!!? As the special attraction!? Dude, we’re geeks!!! It’s TechEd!!! I get physically intimidated by the rather statuesque 17 year old girl at my video store! I have bad memories of the jocks in primary school whipping my chubby behind for aerobic fitness! The last thing I want to do is pretend to care how much trivia strength Mr. Square Jaw Jockman can muster post 10 x Wild Turkey & Cola! Where were the inflatable Sumo suits and indoor jumping castles!!

  5. F O O D!!! Where was the food!

  6. VIP Room! PALEEEZE! I don’t know where to go from here other than to say, if you are kickin’ it in the VIP room at a TechEd party you really need to ask yourself, what would Chuck Norris do!? Easy answer! He’d sidekick you in the head!

  7. Personal Space! So to get the full appreciation of how enjoyable it was at the party, try to eat a sandwich or drink from a glass while a friend or significant other uses your back as a Tai Bo practice post!

  8. Toilets! Again, another easy one. Try to avoid having a urinal with an opposing mirror! If I’m looking into a mirror, I only want two eyes staring back at me! TWO!!!

  9. Rugby players!!!? Ffs! Rugby players!!!?

  10. And for my number 1 peeve... Dancing Girls!!? Xbox Dancing Girls!!? Now, I’m no prude, but please, a time and place for everything. Did you honestly think this was the way to engage the female audience!? Think they felt special while the scantily clad Xbox dancers regaled the mass of hooting men!!? Think they thought, “Aw, this is unreal! I’m really enjoying this on so many levels!!”? I was waiting for James Brown to descend from a cage in the roof singing “Living in America” while they set off the sprinklers!

Anyway, enough “feedback”, I thoroughly enjoyed myself as usual, had a great time catching up with old and new friends, and am looking forward to next year already!! Except, this time, I’ll pack my thong!

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  1. GFitz says:

    Someone is turning into a prude big time!

    BTW Your calendar friends are at it again:

  2. LOL. Dave says his piece . I vote that Dave organises next years party!

  3. Ben Walters says:

    Hey Davo

    I agree with most of your points, in fact all your points bar the Xbox Cheerleaders. Sure this isn’t something the female half of the audience would enjoy, but if it wasn’t for those dancing girls the Male to Female ratio would have been much worse. You never know maybe next year they’ll have the LOBI Man Power team to even things up :o)

  4. James Green says:

    I probabbly have to agree on all counts.  I had a nice time and tried to avail myself of as much "amber hospitatlity" as was physically possible, but I felt it missed the mark a litte.  

    I personally didn’t feel engaged by the sports theme, but I think getting geeks out of our comfort zones is healthy every so often.

  5. I’m with Rory 🙂

    Vote 1 – Dave L for TechEd 2007 Party Organizer!

    I think that after an hour or so half the people had left to find something (anything!) to eat and the rest were hanging around waiting for something good to happen (and they were probably disappointed) and wondering where their other friends had gone.

    Probably the only happy ones were those that were there for the free booze and lets face it, it’s not hard to please them regardless of the theme/venue/weather…

  6. Pete Menadue says:

    Sheesh, bouncers with ear pieces – *shiver* – thats sooo "Bodyguard" – bring back Whitney!

  7. Athena says:

    Love your take on it Dave. As one of the few females there I can confirm that we could have done without the x-Box dancing girls!!!

    So when you DO assist in organising it next year 🙂 (Great suggestion Rory) ……please no dancing girls, more food, more space and more light.

  8. Dave you took the steaming hot words out of my mouth! Seriously I had been planning on posting almost exactly what you have said once I’d calmed down a bit, I figured I might think better of it after a week. What the hell were they thinking. Dancing girls?!? I thought Tech.Ed was a professional conference!

    I like to have fun as much as the next guy, but when the crowd started chanting "Take it off!" I was ashamed to have my face and name associated with this year’s event. I felt that strongly about it. Why on Earth couldn’t they have spent that money on decking out the exhibition hall (or an extra hall) with a great live band (like last year’s opening party) and fun things to do, yes like sumo suits and bouncy castles!!!

    How could they get it sooooo wrong. I still shake my head in disbelief as I think back about it.

    Comic book guy said it best, "Worst party ever."

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