Get Your Dev’Garten T-shirt at TechEd!

Check this out:


Drop by the Dev'Garten area at Tech'Ed this year, and pick one of these hotties up!

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  1. Ben Walters says:

    Thats a nice lookin shirt dave, but tell me whats the Policy on prenters attempting to snag one of these bad boys?

  2. Apart from the obvious party education reason for going to TechEd this year, there is always the important

  3. geoff.appleby says:

    You damn well better be making them biug enough to fit me, Davo!  🙂

  4. Dave ‘DevGarten’ Lemphers posted a little while ago showing the design for a Dev’Garten TShirt they’ll…

  5. James Millar says:

    Where will you be located?

  6. davidlem says:

    We will be in the exhibition area, just look for all the devs!

  7. frankarr says:

    the bigger the better

  8. What have I been doing in preparation for Tech.Ed?  Tablet PCI’ve secured my work’s only tablet pc to…

  9. Chris OConnor (SDM) says:

    I can’t get along to Tech.Ed – but would be great to score a Dev’Garten T-Shirt !!    (just say hello to Ben Walters – he’s my "freebie grabber")…    🙂

  10. So, we kicked off TechEd Sydney this morning.  I got to open the day and introduce our guest speaker…

  11. Emigram says:

    It’s less than a week until TechEd for this ye

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