Identity vs. Feature Value!

Something has been stewing in me for a while, and as my blog is my instrument of therapy, I feel the need to bleed.

I’ve realised lately that I’m happy to start selecting products based on how closely they align with my identity versus features. Note I said feature, not function…I think there is a palpable distinction between the two, namely value.

Like most people, I’m confronted these days by Vendor X claiming their product has 50 features, all of which are “high value”. Unfortunately, the magnitude or weight of value is not set by the vendor, it’s set by me. So what’s my problem here? It’s the vendor’s insinuation that if I don’t agree that feature x will indeed save me massive amounts of time and money, then I’m just not getting it. Or, that I should consider product feature y when buying my next blah otherwise I’m not thinking the right way! Whaaa? Buddy, we’re having this conversation on my terms, not the other way around. I, the consumer, decide what makes it into my list of reasons to buy something. When I stand in the marketplace, I look for vendors that understand the nuances of my social environment, and adapt their must-have features to support my identity within this environment. What I don’t want is someone telling me what my identity should be, so that I can fit into their perception of my social environment.

What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about products that are based on a paradigm that existed 15 years ago. I’m talking about vendors who take their 15 year old paradigm based product, take out 5 features that no one ever cared about, add in 50 new features that no one cares about, leave out 2 features that everyone needs (in fact, if they do add them in, they do so with 80% functionality), then tell me in their marketing message that if I don’t buy their next product, I’m a loser! NO! You the loser marketing dweebs! You!!! Sorry for that outburst, I was weak.

Onto my next point, I want products that speak to my identity. I want a product that not only does what I need it to do in todays world, helps me solve the problems I have today in new and innovative ways, but is also cognisant of my identity. And if it can’t be completely aesthetically aligned with my identity (which I understand is tough), then at least be developed in a way that provides me an access to reflect my identity in the product. FCS!!! It’s important, that if I have to use a product for 8 hours a day, I need it to reflect somewhat who I am, or enable me to reflect who I am in it. I don’t want some companies marketing teams view of who they think I am reflected at me.

Anyhoo, I just thought I’d take a leaf out of Mr. Burn’s book and “just throw back my legs and pollute my britches with delight.” Huzzah! 😉

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