It’s beginning to look a lot like TechEd…!

Were into the last stretch for TechEd, and things are getting exciting. Today I made three critical manoeuvres towards my TechEd home straight.

Numero A: My Out of the Office note, a TechEd Haiku:


Numero 2: The white board after Kurt and I finished brainstorming for our session on Rolling your own Integration Server; it’s going to be fun:


And finally, who could forget…secret kit from Intel 😉


See you @ TechEd!

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  1. This is the place where we will have information for Australian Developers from Microsoft. This will…

  2. I’m still trying to track down what the go is with these shuttles.

    Dave recently has let us see a picture…

  3. David Lemphers has a wonderful

    OOF (Out Of Office) message,

     August almost upon usEmail response…

  4. OK, so when I first sat down to pen my OOF a couple of weeks ago, something just grabbed me, and out…

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