Enough of So!!!

OK, I can’t take it anymore, if someone starts their next sentence to me with, “So…”, I’m going to spontaneously combust! Who’s with me? Who has noticed the latest language fad of starting a response to someone's question with, “So…”? I hereby throw down the challenge, try and start your next response with a word other than “So”, maybe, “Yeah…”, or, “Right…”, or “I thee think thout…”, whatever!! Just something other than “So…”!!!!!

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    That’s funny — it was only a few blog entries back that YOU began YOUR sentence with "SO"


    So — what do you have to say now? ha ha

  2. Jemm says:

    So true!


  3. davidlem says:

    Doh! I know, I was victim to the so! But I’m trying to change, honest!

  4. JosephCooney says:

    Apparently it is not that new – Michael Lewis documented it in "the new new thing" circa 2001 http://jcooney.net/archive/2005/03/29/493.aspx I guess in the history of the english language 2001 might count as "recent".

  5. Just go listen to every ".NET Show" ever recorded. It’s gotta be a Microsoft thing.

  6. macbirdie says:

    So what’s wrong with that?


  7. Cox, Ken says:

    It used to be "Like" and before that, "I mean", and "You know."

    I recall a Microsoft telecast several years ago when the theatre audience started laughing, calling out, and applauding every time a participant on the screen used "Absolutely" in an answer.

    There are many other throwaway/nonsense words and phrases in current use. Watch any Microsoft presentation and count the number of times the presenter says, "I’ll go ahead and…"

    These are linguistic trends we’re "super-excited" about and that we’ll watch "going forward". (Two MS biggies!)


  8. Some guy in Perth says:

    Ahh yes, but David, how many times to you say "Right" at the end of sentences in your presentations?

    We are all guilty of some annoying speaking habits!

    The other one that annoys me is everyone saying "essentially …". Of course it’s an essential fact, why else would they be saying it?

  9. So (there’s that word again!) most of us are pretty convinced that Team Foundation Server…

  10. Paul Dawson says:

    <irony> So,</irony> I’ve been making observations of this phenomenon for the last 5 or 6 weeks. I was beginning to wonder whether it was a) a new phenomenon, b) a thing particular to Microsoft, or c) it had always been this way and I had only just started to notice it…

    I’m still not sure which it is! The phenomenon does seem to be more pronounced in Microsoft staff though (an MS employee is 4 x more likely* to start a response with ‘so’) – and very interestingly, it doesn’t matter whether they’re UK or US, they all do it. But, maybe as a result of being around more MS people recently, I have foumd myself doing it more and more; and that really gets me! 🙂

    Previously I had reserved ‘So…’ for a (slightly) comedic way of bringing a conversation back on topic. i.e. If we were discussing a contract and had got side-tracked, I’d jump in with a "So, the contract is structured… " as if we had never stopped talking about it; but that’s gone now as a comedic technique (much to the relief of my colleagues I guess!)

    Just yesterday I started to mention my observations to people and they looked at me kinda blankly, as if it were just me that was the mad one! So, I’m glad you’ve reinforced my sense of worth and self, by letting me know that it is everyone else who is marching out of step, and not just me!!

    *Totally unproven and unfounded statistic!

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