My Ears Are Burning! As Are My Pants!

DaveAtTechEdGeoffa emailed me to let me know that I’m live on TechTalkBlogs!


Also, I saw on Berno’s blog about the Tech.Ed 2006 Meego’lator! Unreal! Where’s you’re Meego!? This is me (to the left) just prior to my session, having a skate around the harbour in my toight white cricket pants and no shirt…what? So I like toight white cricket pants and roller skating!? Jeez, chillax!






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  1. davidlem says:

    That’s too funny! What a freak! I want one of those muscle shirts!

  2. What I want to know is are you up for wearing the tshirt with your MeeGo on it to TechEd.

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