Royal Elastics Make Nice Shoes!

I went on a little shopping spree on the weekend, and got myself some new Royal Elastics. My old ones have been real troopers, but since I wear them when riding, they are really going downhill fast.

Now, I remember a few months ago, Franky was thinking of getting some new kicks, and I recommended highly the ole’ Elastics. Now, before Royal Elastics became my favourite shoes, I was a devout wearer of Chuckies. Then they went out of business (well, kind off, more like how the fakari rug guys go out of business), so I was forced to switch.

Franky pointed me to these puppies on the left. They are the Icon Green Shamrock edition, very cool. I was hoping Franky could get these through the Arrigo CapEx process, but alas, he didn’t. I’m a little more fortunate, as Yil and I are still in a position (without kiddies) to make R&D based acquisitions, so I started looking into more of the Icon range.

Then I found these on the website (to the right), which were also pretty cool. They are the Black Ace! Again, very cool indeed, but it still didn’t have that “Noice” factor I was looking for in my next pair of Elastics. Oh well me thoughts, I’ll just have to go down to ye ole shoe shop in person and scope out the latest foot fashuns.

It was then I spotted these bad boys (below)! Now, they aren’t even on the website, but I’ve named them the Golly Rodgers, and they are schweet! Anyhoo, that’s all 🙂



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