My idea for my mini-ITX board!

Don Kerr (our Embedded guru) sent me a mini-ITX board today, and I have an idea for it.

I’m going to put it in my car, and attach it to a GPS reader, my web cam and an external microphone mounted in my car (I might try and get it working with my hands-free bluetooth headset instead). Everywhere I go, it will capture images (the webcam has two modes, camera and video, and I’ll mount it so I can move it around), add the GPS locations, and any voice I have, and make a travel log. I will also connect it to a wireless thingy, so that when I get home (the wireless network extends a little past our driveway), it will sync up it’s media with my home machine, where I will then feed it to the web.

Why? Well, I always drive past things, like funny restaurants, or weird folk, and I always wish I could remember where, or say a little something to remember the occasion. This way, I’ll have a little travelog of my adventures, for all to see. I’ll call it my Travelblog 🙂

Stay tuned for adventures with this project!

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  1. tony roth says:

    better yet create your on onstar system with a wireless nic.  Currently my system does everything onstar does plus it sends info to the house to track where my car is.  If you have an obd2 car (anything after 97) it gets really wierd as to all the things you can do.

    I have some strange ideas for the vwifi stuff and mini-itx car stuff.

  2. I’ve also seen some similar coolness with GPS, Windows Mobile, and a ‘4 button thumb keyboard’ with motor bikes.  It’s used to plot out road-trips and mark potential road hazards or sites of interest.  Looking forward to your proof of concept?

  3. tony roth says:

    yea guess I was not clear my system does have gps tied into it.  Now if I could only find cheap 7" tft touch screens I have even more ideas.

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