IT Screen Goddesses Calendar! Okaaay!?

I just got an email about this calendar…

Hmm, interesting, but I’m not sure I would have gone down this path. To me, having a female who works in IT, lying on her back, covered in rose petals, isn’t exactly the kind of identity I would imagine young females to identify with. In fact, I would encourage the calendar creators to spend some time meeting and presenting with young people in high schools (which is where the decision to move into a career path is ultimately made), as they would probably find that most girls and boys find overtly sexual stereotypes confronting and uncomfortable. Add to the fact that parents have a considerable influence on a child's choice of career, I’m not sure this is going to win points. Why?

Well, one of the objectives of this calendar is to raise awareness of women in IT, and to “Smash through the perception of the geeky technologist “. Urghhh, how benign. If the ultimate goal is to attract women to the IT industry, I think the last thing you want to do is emit the message of “to get peoples attention, you need to vamp it up”.

What would have been cool would have been some kind of roadshow, where these women visited primary and high schools, explaining the reason they chose an IT career, and talk to students about their experiences from the trenches, and convey with passion and enthusiasm, why selecting a career in IT would be a good decision.

But in the absence of that, as Stewie would say, “Splendid. This calls for a sexy party!”

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  2. MSDN Archive says:

    great idea – I’d love to be a speaker on such a roadshow – hopefully as a ‘not so geeky’ woman in IT.

  3. I want to be on this IT Screen Goddess Calendar. I wish I could be miss May – Lucy Liu lookalike in the…

  4. Vicious Circle says:

    If you’d like to sponsor the ladies in ICT to do an Australian high school roadshow l’m sure Australian Computer Society or AWISE or the Screen Goddess crew would love to hear from you………..

  5. Tom says:

    From my understanding the money raised will help fund these roadshows. So I don’t see any problem

  6. Interested says:

    Participated in a fantastic regional (Qld) roadshow speaking to Girls in IT in February – you will find initiatives like these occuring nationally every year through proactive women in IT organisations:) If you look toward another of the calendar objectives you will see that profits from the calendar sales go toward funding these very organisations and projects.

    On another note, the calendar art direction looks to me like women  in famous film scenes (as opposed to women in overtly sexual stereotype poses). I think the key here is to relate to the masses – almost everyone loves the movies! – and make a real impact.

    Why not invest in a calendar and see for yourself, why not email your friends to do just that and create funds for ongoing projects that you yourself describe?  

  7. frankarr says:

    check out this article,7204,19680979%5E15317%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

    ‘Goddesses’ spruik careers

    Simon Hayes

    JULY 04, 2006  

    NAUGHTY calendars might be banned in most workplaces, but the IT industry is not letting that stop its latest attempt to break the geek stereotype, launching a calendar showing 12 female IT workers.

    In what would have to rate as the strangest attempt to garner publicity the industry has ever made, the Screen Goddess Calendar is being sponsored by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as part of an attempt to attract more women into the male-dominated industry.

    The calendar features "beautiful photos of real women working in the IT industry, in poses inspired by movie goddesses old and recent", promotional material reads.

    The poses includes famous movie scenes ranging from American Beauty, Basic Instinct, Pulp Fiction, Charlie’s Angels and Dr No.

    The women have also posed for a special Christmas card.

    The calendar is due to be launched by ACS national vice president Catherine Jaktman at a function at Melbourne’s Young and Jackson Hotel on August 11.

    "The number one problem in getting girls to consider a career in IT is that there are not enough role models,” Ms Jaktman told AustralianIT. "This is really fun, and it profiles women who have made a significant contribution to IT."

    "We’re doing this to smash through the perception of the geeky technologist," the calendar’s website reads. "(And to) raise awareness of the diversity of women in IT, and raise money for non-profit groups that run initiatives to encourage females to take up technology studies."

    Cover model "Sonja" – posing the infamous rose petal scene from American Beauty, is listed as an IT manager from Queensland who encourages girls considering an IT career to "master the basics before the advanced".

    "Natalija", who poses as the Uma Thurman character Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, is a web developer from Western Australia who learned to code HTML via email, and went on to set up her own internet development company.

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  8. Jo says:

    Maybe you should find out more information before you comment.

    Some of the women in the calendar are teachers so yes… they speak to the students about the I.T careers.

    At least it has been done classy and professionally unlike some American ‘porn’ calendars.

  9. Following on from my post about the IT Screen Goddesses Calendar (thanks everyone for the PASSIONATE…

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