Deal or No Deal…you’re about to be Davie’fied!

Yay!! I just got the call that Yil and I made it onto Deal or No Deal! This is quite fantastic given that I watched Deal or No Deal for some months without even knowing what the game was about!

Will make sure I get some pics with Andrew O’Keefe; or even better, see if I can’t get dealing with him to wear a tie every once in a while (would it kill him, we don’t need another Koche’e!).

Stay tuned for pics of me running amok on the set 😉

Btw, this is not the first time I’ve been on TV, I was inside one of the cars when it was driven out on The Price is Right when I was 17 y.o!

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  1. davkean says:


    I was on the very first Deal or No Deal (I was the one that was picked out of the audience), it took them 6 long, long hours to film it – for your sake I hope they’ve improved that process.


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