Nigel pedals a VSTS Team Suite upgrade!

Nigel has been on holidays for the past week and arrived today to find two boxes sitting on his desk.

Nigel sits right next to me; so while his discovery may have been shiny and new to him, for me, it’s been a festering pustule of mystery for far too long.

In fact, by Wednesday last week, my weakness prevailed, and I had to read the shipping slip on the boxes, one which read “Pedals” and the other read “MSDN”.

Now, the pedals thing got me feverish, I couldn’t help but think that Nigel had ordered some awesome bike pedals, and my mind clouded with thoughts of stealing them and putting them on one of my bikes, hiding the box in the storage cupboard in the kitchen, and never speaking of it again. I would leave Nige to deal with the courier company as to where his “pedals” had gone.

The MSDN thing intrigued me, as it had an odour of Team Suite about it; I still have a standard MSDN Premium sub, and am running the VSTS Team Suite 180 day eval like the great unwashed, so this compounded my curiosity.

So when Nige got in this morning, I forced the box cutter into his hand, and compelled him physically to open his boxes.

The pedals were actually a set of cool flight simulator pedals, and the MSDN box was his MSDN Team Suite sub.

So for those who are running the 180 day VSTS Team Suite eval, and finally do that deal with Mr. B to upgrade their sub, then don’t stress, there is an easy upgrade path.



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  1. Rob Caron says:

    If you are curious to what the upgrade experience is like moving from the Team Suite Trial Edition to…


    Most of Jeff’s questions during the tour revolved around licensing to RTM -below is a set…

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